Bulbasaur Plush

Bulbasaur Plush

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Brand: tenhu electronic


  • Bulbasaur is a grass type Pokemon, with a growing seed on its back.
  • Filling Material:PP Cotton
  • Size: 20 cm/8 in (there is an error, it may be smaller)
  • Cute and cuddly 8" Bulbasaur Plush Stuffed Animal is a must have for all fans.
  • Note: When you receive the goods, because there is time to compress the plush toy, after opening it, please pat it with your hands to let it recover. Then leave it for a day, it will not let you down.

Details:  appearance: The Miao Frog Seed is a four-legged Pokémon that resembles a toad in appearance. It has bright red eyes, white pupils and sclera, and a pair of raised ears on top of its head. Its nose is short and blunt, and it has a large mouth. When its mouth opens, a pair of small, pointed teeth in the upper jaw can be seen. Its skin is blue-green with dark green markings. It has three toes on the soles of each thick leg, and each end has small white claws. The most notable feature of this Pokémon is the bulbous seed behind it. There is a symbiotic relationship between it and the wonderful frog seed, which has grown with its body since the birth of the wonderful frog seed. Gender differences: There is no gender difference in Miaofrog seeds. special power: The seeds on the back of the frog's seed allow it to learn a lot of grass-attribute moves. No matter spores or gas, petals or seeds, they can be released from the tips of the seeds, while the vines and leaves come from the bottom of the seeds. temperament: Most of the frog seeds are very docile. Therefore, the frog seeds are considered a rare and excellent Pokémon. Wonder Frog Seed seems to be very loyal to its friends and trainers. Habitat: Miao frog seeds live in grasslands and forests, such as evergreen forests.

EAN: 0793345060128

Package Dimensions: 11.5 x 7.9 x 2.4 inches