Pokemon Plush Toys

Pokemon Plush Toys are a dream companion for children aged 4 and over. Available in 7 different designs (Pikachu PlushCharizard PlushBulbasur PlushMewtwo PlushSnorlax PlushLugia PlushPoke Balls Plush).

Pokémon lovers around the world can enjoy the world of Pokémon in many ways. The Pokémon product family includes video games, the Pokémon Trading Card Game, the animated television series, movies, games and more.

Pokemon Plush

Create your own adventures with your favorite Pokemon Plush toys! Its small size makes it easy to transport wherever you go. Suitable for ages from 1+ years.

Pokemon History

The animated TV show, Pokémon. The Series presents the adventures of As Ketchum, his partner, Pikachu, and many incredible Pokemon friends. Their adventures have also been brought to the big screen with a series of feature-length animated films.

Pokemon Card Game

Pokémon Trading Card Game allows players to build decks and compete using their favorite Pokémon. The game is simple enough for new players to learn it quickly, but at the same time quite elaborate, combining the game with endless creativity and fun. There are also many Pokémon lovers who collect the richly illustrated Pokémon TCG cards.

 Pokemon Video Games

In the last 20 years, millions of Pokémon fans have discovered the world of Pokémon through the adventures presented in video games. From detailed role-playing games to fast-paced puzzle games, Pokémon games continue to offer new Instructor experiences across all Nintendo systems and mobile platforms.

 Pokemon Competitions

The Play! Pokémon offers players the opportunity to meet in exciting and fun competitions. From occasional events, such as the Pokémon League, to the high-level Championship Series, the Play! Pokémon offers events for players of all levels, with an emphasis on fun and fair play.

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