Pokemon Everywhere

The Pokémon series was created in 1996 and started as a game for Game Boy and since then has managed to become the largest franchise in the world with annual revenues in excess of $ 100 billion.
Of course, Pokémon are not just games, they are everywhere. From T-shirts, playing cards, cards, teddy bears, candies and whatever your mind can imagine, there is also a Pokémon version. Now the main income of the company that created Pokémon, Game Freak, does not even come from its games.

Pokemon Plush

Pokemon Plush toys are a dream companion for children aged 4 and over. Available in 7 different designs (Pikachu Plush, Charizard Plush, Bulbasur Plush, Mewtwo Plush, Snorlax Plush, Lugia Plush, Poke Balls Plush).

Create your own adventures with your favorite Pokemon Plush toys! Its small size makes it easy to transport wherever you go. Suitable for ages from 1+ years.

Pikachu the Superstar

Pikachu who does everything. Pikachu features in Pokemon Go.
Pokemon Go has long been the gaming frenzy on smartphones. The Pokemon series, however, has long been moving us on Nintendo home consoles. Let’s Go has come to put a bridge between smartphone mobile gaming and the Nintendo Switch. With the owners of the hybrid console of the Japanese company "thirsty" for exclusives, the question is simple. Will it manage to entertain us as well as in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon?

From Pokemon Go to Pokemon Let's Go

Pokemon Let’s Go is a spin off game that will make you forget your daily routine, remember your old childhood years and celebrate as a child whenever pokeball "locks" and you catch your favorite Pokemon. For the rest of the competition game fanatics, it is an opportunity with Let’s Go to take a break from the difficult ones on the Nintendo Switch this time.

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